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Buying Your Next Home

Buying a home is an exciting and complex adventure. A home is the largest single investment most of us will ever make. That is enough to make the strongest of us worry. Add-in the complexities and the price structure of the Bay Area housing market, and things get even more uncertain.


In today’s market, it is easy to focus on price as the most important factor when considering what home to buy. We often get advice from family and friends that contradicts our good sense: “Buy as much house as you can afford” and, my favorite, “Always offer less than asking to get the best deal.” Affordability is a primary concern, but it should not be allowed to overshadow all else. The first step in purchasing a home is finding out what you can afford. Talk to a lender, perhaps two or three.

Location, Location, Location

That age-old Real Estate axiom is just as valid now as it was in our parents’ time. Location affects the type and quality of home available, it affects commute time, and sometimes it affects how safe we feel in our own home. A short commute isn’t always affordable, but an unnecessarily long commute has other costs in travel, time, and your patience.

Features and Benefits

Often we think of features only as the physical aspects of the home such as: how many bedrooms and bathrooms the home has. But even more important are the benefits of the neighborhood, the schools, the nearby dining, entertainment, and health care facilities


Despite the popularity of HGTV home improvement shows, not everyone enjoys fixing a house. Some of us look for homes we can leave our mark on, others look for homes in need of major renovation, others want a turn-key used home or even a new build. It is important to understand what sort of buyer you are, and your partner if you have one.

What we offer

We are here to help you find a comfortable home and negotiate the best possible terms. We strive for excellence in serving our client’s needs to make the purchase process seamless. We will attend to details, return your calls and keep you well informed and updated every step of the way.

Whether it’s a Single Family Home, Town Home, Condo, ranch, or even just bare land on-which to build your dreams, we are here to help you find the best fit for your needs.

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